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Chongqing China

Natural resources: It has crisscrossing rivers and the water resources can generate 7.5 million kw of power. Chongqing has one of the three largest resources of mineral water in China. It has 38 kinds of mineral deposits, including coal, natural gas, strontium, aluminum oxide, manganese, limestone, marble, spar, gypsum, quartz, mercury, and rock salt. Chongqing leads China and ranks second in the world in deposits of strontium.
Chongqing?ˉs weather is changeable, and the area has many species of plants and animals. Chongqing is proud of its tourism resources, with mountains, rivers, forests, springs, waterfalls, gorges, and caves all displaying the majesty, the fantasy, the danger, and the seclusion of nature. The famous tourist attractions include the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River; the night view of the City of Mountains; the rock carvings at Dazu, a World Cultural Heritages site; the Lotus Cave, recently discovered near the Four-Sided Mountains; and Tiankeng (Heavenly Pit) and Difeng (Earthly Rift Valley), two rare geological spectacles at Fengjie.
In addition, Chongqing has vast rural areas with large Populations ?a a great potential for the development of agriculture. The cost of labor is comparatively low.

Population: 30.97 million (at the end of 2001)
Population growth rate: 2.8??
Ethnicity: Chongqing is inhabited by 50 ethnic groups, including Han, China?ˉs majority, Tujia, Miao, Hui, Manchu, Yi, Zhuang, Bouyei, Mongol, Tibetan, Bai, Dong, Uygur, Korean, Hani, Dai, Lisu, Va, Lahu, Shui, Naxi, Qiang and Gelao. The total Population of the minority groups comes to 1.75 million, of which, the Tujia people are the largest, having 1.13 million, and are following by the Miao, 520,000. These two minority peoples mainly inhabit in five minority autonomous counties in the Qianjiang Development District and the Fuling District.
Illiterate and Semi-illiterate Population Aged 15 and Over: 3.65 million
Male: 1.08 million
Female: 2.57 million

Three trunk lines (Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Changsha-Chongqing Railway and Chengdu-Guizhou Railway) and five feeder railways, totaling 537 km in Chongqing.
Five national highways and 17 provincial highways, with traffic mileage totaling 27,200 km in Chongqing.
Dozens of ports and passenger and freight docks have been established along the Yangtze River to facilitate water transportation business from Chongqing to Shanghai and even to overseas countries. The total length of water transportation in Chongqing is more than 4,000 km. After the completion of the Three Gorges water conservation project, ships of over 10,000 tons will be able to reach Chongqing directly.
A national Grade 1 civilian airport in Chongqing has opened over 50 domestic and international flights. Two more airports, Wuqiao at Wanzhou and Zhoubai at Qiangjiang, are under construction.
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