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Have a blast in brand-new Water Cube Waterpark

27-Jul-2010 -
BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhuanet) -- The National Swimming Center, or Water Cube, will unveil a brand-new water park on August 8. After 10 months' reconstruction at a price of 350 billion yuan, Asia's largest and most advanced water park will provide a favorite holiday destination for citizens.

During the renovations, the Beijing Olympic Memorial Hall was added to the Water Cube to document the support given by compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese. In addition, close to the water park is a water bar that allows visitors to have a rest in a cheerful atmosphere.

According to the current operation plan, tickets for touring and swimming at the Water remain at 30 and 50 yuan respectively. Water park tickets are sold separately, at 200 yuan for an adult. Visitors with water park tickets are free to visit the Water Cube.

World-class technology gathered in the Water Cube

The Water Cube water park not only gathers many world-class recreational facilities to entertain visitors, like the Wavepool, Tornado and Aqua Loop, but also has an intelligent temperature control system. It can automatically control indoor temperature according to different seasons.


Starting from the tallest tower in the water park, family and friends can experience the excitement of this ride together. Visitors zoom down the huge, fully enclosed waterslide, gradually building up speed starting with a thrilling 90-degree turn before heading into a quicker 180-degree turn, then racing down a huge drop into the funnel, only to be taken vertically up the opposite wall and falling back down before dropping into the pool below.


Starting at the top of the tower, two riders seated in a double tube race down the fully enclosed drop, gathering high speed before entering the bowl horizontally and racing around the edges before being hit by a spray of water that sends riders into the corkscrew exit center core, sending you to the pool below and exiting riders into the Lazy River.

Aqua Loop

The anticipation begins the moment riders start climbing the steps of the tower, where they eventually meet the operator and enter a capsule with lights and music inside.

The capsule is the vessel of the trap door within the floor, which thrusts riders forward. Facing forward with looks of anticipation and a view overlooking the Happy Magic Watercube, the excitement builds as riders place their arms across their chest and then wait for the countdown.


This enclosed serpentine speed slide is tall, steep, and fast. Riders will experience the most adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, head rushing, water spraying experience known to man. Built with a balance of safety and adrenaline in mind this speed slide is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Kid's Pool

This pool offers special slides designed for small children plus a huge variety of water toy activity elements, or they can splash around by playing in and around the sprays, jets and falls. This is a shallow pool that is safe for all children and allows parents and children to play interactively on a great arrangement of water toys.


This is the world's first RideHouse, bringing together all the fun and exciting elements of water play. Visitors can create their own fun by interacting and playing on this playground of water. The RideHouse has a total of 12 slides, more than any other water play structure in the world.

On top of the RideHouse is a giant Watercube that is constantly filled with water, and when the water level reaches its limit every two minutes, the bucket slowly tips and drops water on the waiting visitors below.


A classic thriller for two riders that has all the ingredients of a healthy scream, the Pipeline begins at the top of the tower. Riders will get drenched under flowing water curtains and feel like they are grabbing the air on breathtaking dips. Riders blast through enclosed tunnels and soar high up the walls of banked 180- and 360-degree curves before reaching a final fall that shoots them down into the pool below and exiting onto the Lazy River.


The Wavepool gives visitors the real feeling of swimming and playing in the ocean. The waves are operated at 10-minute intervals throughout the day, allowing visitors to splash around and enjoy the excitement and adventure of bobbing on the water with family and friends, then relaxing in the shallow end of the beach entry to the pool.

SPA Pools

It is a great place to relax with family and friends, sitting back while those tired muscles get a massage from the spa jets. All three spa pools offer perfectly heated temperatures to offer you just the relaxation you need.
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