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Enjoy beautiful landscape in the City of Springs

26-Aug-2010 - Xinhua News
Enjoy beautiful landscape in the City of Springs Located in eastern China's Shandong Province, Jinan is well known for its beautiful landscape with springs and willows by every house, thus earning the nickname "the city of springs."

There are more than 700 springs within Jinan city. Each spring is unique and has a name. The Pearl Spring provides an pulsating stream of water which looks like pearls coming out of the spring hole, while the Heihu (Black Tiger) Spring spouts water like thunder and the Pipa (the Chinese lute) Spring sounds like music played by the Chinese lute.

Among all those springs, the most famous one is the Baotu (Spouting) Spring. With a history of over 2700 years, it has also earned the name "The Finest Spring on Earth." Despite seasonal fluctuations in air temperature, the spring gushes water at 18 degree Centigrade all year.

Zenggong, a famous litterateur of the Song Dynasty commented that Qi (the ancient name of the northeastern part of Shandong province) owns the most and the best springs in the world.

The spring water flows into the rivers and lakes, and provides unique scenery during the rainy seasons.
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