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Governor: Lu Zushan
Capital: Hangzhou City
Government Office Address: Building I, Administrative Center, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Postcode: 310025
Tel: 87052467
Website: www. Cnzj.org.cn
Geographical location: Zhejiang Province is situated on China's southeastern coast, on the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta. Its northeast is adjacent to Shanghai, the largest city of China. It covers a total land area of 101,800 square kilometers, of which the mountainous and hilly regions amount to 70.4 percent, the plains and basins make up 23.2 percent, and the rest 6.4 percent is rivers and lakes. The province's total coastline stretches 6,486 kilometers, ranking the first in China. Zhejiang also has the most islands in China. Among the province's numerous islands, 3,061 have a land area of 500 square meters or larger.

Telephones: The province's total switchboard capacity is over 13.3 million lines and the total capacity of the mobile telecommunicating network is over 10 million lines. The distant telecommunication within the province has finished the transfer from the electric cable to optical fiber cable. Optical fiber cable has reached all townships. Zhejiang Province also leads the country in the application of digital telecommunication, voice telecommunication service and intelligent Telephones. By the end of 2000, there were 1.10 million Internet users and 33,000 customers of digital telecommunication. The coverage of Telephones reached 41.6 sets per hundred persons, ranking the first in the whole country.
Radio and Television Stations: There are 12 provincial and city-level radio stations with 98 broadcasting programs; 12 provincial and city-level television stations with 107 broadcasting programs.
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