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Governor: Xu Rongkai
Capital: Kunming
Government office address: Wuhuashan, Kunming
Telephone: 0871-3621773
Geographical location
Yunnan is the most southwestern province in China, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its southern part. The province has an area of 394,000 square km, 4.1 percent of the nation's total. The province borders Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province in the east, Sichuan Province in the north, and Tibet Autonomous Region in the northwest. It shares a border of 4,060 km with Myanmar in the west, Laos in the south, and Vietnam in the southeast.

Telephones: By the end of 2002, the number of fixed telephone subscribers reached 4.37 million, mobile phone subscribers 5.02 million, and Internet subscribers 1.03 million.
Radio and TV stations: 52 medium and short wave radio transmission and relay stations and 28 1-kilowatt TV transmission and rely stations (2002).

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