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Regional Chairman: Ismail Tiliwaldi

Capital: Urumqi

Regional government office address: 2 Zhongshan Road, Urumqi 830041

Tel: (0991) 2803114

Geographical location

Situated in the northwest of China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was known in China as the Western Territory in ancient times.

Its 1.66 million square kilometers represent about one-sixth of the total territory of the country, making it the largest of China's regions and provinces. Xinjiang also has the longest boundary among China's provinces and autonomous regions and shares 5,600 kilometers of frontier with Mongolia in the northeast, then Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the west, and then Afghanistan, Pakistan and India in the southwest.

By 2003 there were six broadcasting stations, 16 television stations, 40 short and medium-wave transmitting and relay stations, and 64 TV transmitting and relay stations (all exceeding 1,000 kw capacity). Radio coverage reached 92.8 percent of the Population while television reached 92.5 percent. The region had 1,302,700 cable television subscribers and was home to 98 various film projection units. 70 feature movies have been dubbed into ethnic minority languages.


By the end of the year, 22.6 percent of the Population had a fixed line telephone, 22.1 percent had a mobile phone and there were 593,000 Internet users.

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