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Governor: Zhang Baoshun
Capital: Taiyuan City
Provincial government address: 101 Shifu Dongjie, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Postcode: 030072
Tel: 0351-3044451 3046061
Government website:
Geographical Location
Shanxi Province is situated in the middle of the Yellow River valley, lying between latitude 34034'-40044' north and longitude 110015'-114032' east. Its location west of the Taihang Mountains gives the province its name, Shanxi, meaning "west of the mountain."

Telecommunications have developed rapidly. Currently, a program-controlled telephone switching system is available in the province?ˉs 10 cities directly under the provincial government, one prefecture and some towns and townships. On September 20, 1994, automatic cellular roaming service was made available in 32 counties and cities across the province.
Radio and TV stations:
The Shanxi People?ˉs Broadcasting Station now broadcasts six sets of daily programs. By the mid-1990s, all counties had set up their own TV stations. There are 159 provincial cable TV stations, as well as 335 cable TV stations run by towns or townships. The number of cable TV subscribers now approaches 700,000.

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