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Governor: Han Yuqun
Capital: Jinan
Government office address: 1 Shengfu Qianjie, Jinan, Shandong Province
Telephone: (531) 6912828
Geographic location: Situated in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, on China's eastern coast line, the province's territory consists of the Shandong Peninsular and adjacent inland. Protruding into the conjunction area of the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, the peninsula faces the Liaodong Peninsular of Liaoning Province over the sea. Its inland adjoins the provinces of Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu. The province stretches 420 km from south to north and 700 km from east to west, covering an area of 156,700 square kilometers.

In 2001, the total business volume of telecommunication was 26.07 billion yuan. By May of 2002, the total volume had reached 13.06 billion yuan. The province has installed 15.881 million household Telephones and the popularization of telephone has reached 12.4 sets per 100 persons.
By the end of 2001, the number of mobile phone users had reached 8.048 million, an increase of 60.6 percent over the preceding year.
Radio and TV stations:
There are 18 radio stations and 18 TV stations, in addition to 11 cable TV stations at the city and provincial levels. There are 83 broadcast and TV stations at county levels. There are 30 medium- and short-wave radio transmission and relay stations, and 93 TV transmission and relay stations with a power of 1,000 W or more. Its average daily radio broadcasting time is 1,104 hours and 2 minutes. And the average weekly TV program transmitting time has reached 4,171 hours and three minutes. Radio and TV coverage has reached 93.5 percent and 91 percent of the Population respectively.

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