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Governor: Huang Zhiquan
Capital: Nanchang
Address of provincial government: 69 West Beijing Road, Nanchang City
Tel: (791)6224166, 6224110
Website: http//www.Jiangxi.gov.cn
Geographical location:
Jiangxi, also called "Gan" for short, is one of China's inland provinces. It is located in the southeastern part of the country, on the southern bank of the Yangtse River, between 24'29-30'04' north latitude and 113'34-118'28' east longitude. It borders Zhejiang and Fujian provinces in the east, Guangdong Province in the south, Hunan Province in the west and Hubei and Anhui provinces in the north, covering a total area of 166,900 square kilometers.

The province's telephone switching system capacity has expanded to 3.41 million lines. The rate of fixed telephone is 12 per 100 people. The number of mobile phone subscribers has reached 1.4 million. The yearly output of the postal sector in the province totaled 8.13 billion yuan (US$981.88 million). The number of registered Internet users has reached 269,472.
Radio and TV stations:
Jiangxi has 11 radio broadcasting stations and 12 TV stations.

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