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Governor: Zhou Baihua
Capital: Changsha
Government office address: Wuyi Zhong Road, Changsha
Zip Code: 410000
Tel: 0731-2217781
Geographical location
Hunan, abbreviated as "Xiang", lies at 1080 47' to 114045' east longitude, and 24039' to 30028' north latitude; it is 667 km wide and 774 km long. As an inland province adjacent to the coastal areas, Hunan has an area of 211,800 square km, 2.2 percent of the national total, ranking 11th largest in China.

Telephone users
Hunan had 7.95 million fixed-line telephone subscribers by the end of 2002, up 11.6 percent over previous year. The telephone subscriber rate was 12 percent. The number of mobile phone subscribers had reached 5.98 million, up 45.8 percent. Internet users were 1.267 million, up 16.4 percent. Turnover in the Post and telecommunications industries reached 18.196 billion yuan, up 34.5 percent.
Radio and TV
By the end of 2002, the province had 11 radio stations, 25 medium-waved radio launch pad and relay stations, 15 TV stations, and 50 1,000-watts launch pad and relay stations. Television and radio cover 91.8 percent and 81.7 percent of the Population respectively.
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