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Governor: Luo Qingquan
Capital: Wuhan
Address of provincial government office: Shuiguohu, Wuchang, Wuhan City
Postcode: 430071
Tel: (27) 87235544, 87235552
Geographical location
Hubei is situated in central China, extending across two major river systems the Yangtze and Hanjiang. Hubei adjoins Henan Province on the north, Anhui Province on the east, Jiangxi Province on the southeast, Hunan Province on the south, Chongqing Municipality on the west and Shaanxi Province on the northwest. Lying between 29005'-33020' north latitude and 108021'-116007' east longitude, Hubei covers an area of 185,900 square km, accounting for 1.94 percent of the national total, ranking the 16th nationwide.

The business volume of the postal and telecommunications service totaled 16.6 billion yuan in 2001, up 31.7 percent compared with that of the previous year. The total length of long-distance optical cables reached 13,600 km. The capacity of official exchange boards increased 604,000 lines and the number of fixed telephone users rose by 1 million. The number of mobile telephone users increased 1.74 million to reach 6 million. There were 22.4 Telephones per 100 people. The number of subscribers to data communication reached 26,000 and 1.55 million people were Internet users.
Radio and TV stations
There were 14 TV stations in 2000 which broadcast 70 programs; and there were 13 radio stations broadcasting 82 programs.

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