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Governor: Li Chengyu
Capital: Zhengzhou
Government office address: 10 Wei'er Road, Zhengzhou
Postcode: 450003
Telephone: (371) 5908241
Website: www.Henanews.org.cn
Geographical Location:
Henan Province is located in eastern central China, on the plain between the Yellow and Huaihe rivers. As most part of the province lies to the south of the Yellow River, which runs for over 700 km through its territory, it was given the name Henan (River South). Because Henan was called Yuzhou and considered as the center of China more than 2,000 years ago, the province is called Yu for short, and also referred to as Zhongzhou (Central Prefecture) and Zhongyuan (Central Plain). Neighboring Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui and Shandong provinces, Henan covers an area of 167,000 sq km.

Number of Telephones:
Henan is an important hinge of communication in China. Three of the nation?ˉs first-class optical cables and three microwave trunk lines run through the province, making it possible for Henan to have automatic long-distance transmission, digital long-distance routes and program-controlled telephone switchboards all over the province. Its telephone exchange capacity has reached 11.2 million circuits, with 9.38 million telephone users, 3.11 million mobile phone users and 1.1 million Internet users.
Radio and TV stations:
There are 19 radio stations and 18 TV stations at provincial and city levels, and 135 TV transmitting and relay stations of 1 kw and above. The coverage of radio and TV audience in the province is 94 percent and 92.5 percent of its Population respectively.

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