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Governor: Wang Jinshan

Capital: Hefei

Address of government office: 221 Changjiang Road, Hefei City

Postcode: 230001

Telephone: (551) 2601113, 2601114

Geographic location

Anhui Province, also called ?°Wan?± for short, is located in the southeast of China. The province extends about 570 kilometers from north to south, and 450 kilometers from west to east, covering a total area of 139,600 square kilometers, accounting for 1.45 percent of the country?ˉs land. Anhui has 1,850 townships.


In 2003, the post and telecommunication sector of the province did a turnover of 15.73 billion yuan, up 9.7 percent from the previous year. The sum includes 13.85 billion yuan from the telecommunication service and 1.88 billion yuan from the postal service. By the end of 2003, the number of fixed-line telephone subscribers had reached 8.985 million, of which 3.815 million were urban subscribers (up 1.4 percent) and 5.17 million were rural subscribers (up 24.3 percent). Meanwhile the number of mobile phone subscribers had reached 6.97 million.

There were 27.8 Telephones to every one hundred people, up 5.9 percentage points on the year before.

The number of Internet users had climbed to 1.486 million.
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