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Preliminary figures for 2003 put Xinjiang's GDP at 187.5 billion yuan.

In 2003, the value-added within primary industry was 41.3 billion yuan, up 8.2 percent on the year before.

The value-added in secondary industry was 79.6 billion yuan, up 12.3 percent. This total was split 57.1 billion yuan in the industrial sector (up 11.2 percent) and 22.5 billion in construction (up 15.0 percent).

The value-added in tertiary industry was 66.6 billion yuan (up 10.3 percent).

Average per capita GDP reached 9,686 yuan in 2003, an increase of 9.1 percent.

Total output in the Tianshan Northern Slope Economic Zone was valued at 90.2 billion yuan (up 12.2 percent) representing 51.5 percent of Xinjiang's total GDP.

Industrial production

In 2003, the total value of industrial output was up 11.2 percent at 57.1 billion yuan. Within this total, light industry accounted for 8.8 billion yuan (up 7.1 percent) and heavy industry 48.3 billion yuan, (up 12.0 percent).

Agriculture and fisheries

The combined output of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries in Xinjiang in 2003 totaled 66.164 billion yuan (up 6.3 percent).

Agriculture contributed 48.276 billion yuan to the total (up 5.2 percent), animal husbandry 16.198 billion yuan (up 8.7 percent), forestry 1.369 billion yuan (up 20.7 percent) and fisheries 321 million yuan (up 1.7 percent).

There were 1.307 million hectares in grain (down 12.5 percent) producing 8.0172 million tons (down 8.5 percent), 1.0371 million hectares in cotton (up 9.9 percent) producing 1.6 million tons (up 6.7 percent), 226,400 hectares in oil-bearing crops (up 5.3 percent) producing 501,300 tons (up 13.0 percent), 67,300 hectares in beet (down 21.1 percent) producing 3.8165 million tons (down 18.2 percent), 163,800 hectares in vegetables (down 0.2 percent) producing 7.61 million tons (up 12.8 percent), 344,200 hectares in fruit (up 17.8 percent) producing 2.1832 million tons (up 10.2 percent). Meanwhile there was a 25.1 percent increase in the area of alfalfas/lucerns at 294,100 hectares.

Foreign trade

2003 customs statistics put the combined value of imports and exports at US$4.772 billion, an increase of 77 percent on 2002. Within the overall figure, imports accounted for US$2.230 billion (up 61 percent) and exports US$2.542 billion (up 94 percent).

Imports comprised general trade of US$725 million (up 80 percent), processing trade of US$31 million (up 8 percent) and small-scale cross-border trade of US$1.435 billion (up 34 percent).

Exports comprised general trade of US$711 million (up 31 percent), processing trade of US$202 million (up 30 percent) and small-scale cross-border trade of US$1.6 billion (up 140 percent).

2003 saw exports of electrical and mechanical products reach US$344 million (up 10 percent) and those of high-tech and new technology products reach US$28 million (up 90 percent).


Total public revenues are estimated at 26.258 billion yuan for 2003, (up 15.8 percent) with local government general budgetary receipts accounting for 12.740 billion yuan (up 15.0 percent).

Pillar industries

The pillar industries of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are: iron and steel, petroleum exploitation, coal, power generation, nonferrous metals, mechanical engineering, chemicals, leather, textiles and sugar.

Currently there are projects seeking foreign investment in: agriculture, energy, transportation, Post and telecommunications, communications, urban construction, public health, industrial production and processing, tourism, foreign trade, finance, insurance and retailing.

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